We offer a hardware and/or software related solution for any type of object or vehicle you wish to track or monitor. With our GPS Track and Trace systems you are assured of the highest possible quality and reliability. All our GPS tracking systems are IP67 waterproof and are easily installed. Our battery-powered products for objects without their own power supply have an unprecedented longevity.

We find a solution for your problem.

Find, track and secure your mobile belongings with our GPS Track and Trace systems. Monitoring various functions remotely for your machines is a popular application. Companies and organizations approach us frequently with their specific problems. We always manage to approach the problem together with the client and come up with a solution.

Want to know if we have the solution to your problem? Contact us!

Learn more about the possibilities. We have the knowledge and know how to provide a solution to your problem. Call us on telephone number 050 313 03 16 for an appointment. We can also demonstrate how we have offered customized solutions in the past.

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