About us

12Trace is a subsidiary of Liemo Electronics (established in 1997)

Liemo Electronics is active in the maritime world and develops web-based products that can be read out remotely. It was therefore a small step to add GPS to this that led to 12Trace. 12trace is involved in 2 things: making your objects secure and ensuring you needn’t have to worry by making it as easy as possible. 12Trace achieves this with wired and wireless systems to which a free online account that is well structured is linked. 12Trace can be found on Oosterkade 5 in Groningen oosterhaven ons pand2 12Trace develops the hardware and software itself and, therefore, customizations are always possible based on customer requirements. All our systems are VBV and ISO9001 certified. We also have a proactive attitude towards our work where we want to ensure the customer has as few worries as possible. We have our own support department that you can approach with all your technical questions.

High quality due to our roots in the maritime world

Originally Liemo Electronics developed high quality equipment for the maritime sector. These instruments had to be waterproof and needed to withstand extreme weather conditions. This was the basis for the high quality that we have with all our GPS Track and Trace supply systems.

An energetic and creative team that delivers customized

Our employees are energetic, creative and feed a great responsibility for the systems they provide, developing their own ideas into possible future applications from their own involvement. 12Trace develops all hardware, embedded software and applications in house meaning that building custom solutions is always possible!

DAME Awards to reward innovative thinking

LieMo Electronics has been nominated several times for the DAME Award; a prestigious international maritime innovation award. This confirms that we play close attention to the  market and act accordingly.

12Trace as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Our communications systems are linked to the Vodafone network. Because we are a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, we are able to manage all communication ourselves. For the customer, this means that we have our own SIM cards that we can activate or deactivate and therefore are not dependent on any third party. This allows us to provide efficient and effective service to our customers!

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