Wireless Track & Trace

Wireless systems are easily placed within mobile objects without the need to provide power via wires or cables. You’ll always know exactly where your valuables are!

The GeoLocker GPS track and trace systems are wireless and, therefore, do not need power. They are, therefore, very suitable to monitor mobile objects that do not have their own power supply. You will always know where your valuable property is with these GPS Track and Trace systems. You simply position the GPS track and trace system in your object because it is completely wireless. This also makes it possible to transfer this GPS system from one object to another.

  • The ideal solution to track, trace, monitor and find mobile objects without their own power supply.
  • Easy to install in your object and no complicated installation
  • Easy to transfer from one object to another
  • Watertight GPS tracking and tracing systems that you can use for a long time
  • You do not have to commit to a subscription or contract

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GeoLocker Compact

  • Track your mobile objects without depending on a power source
  • Adjustable frequency of location notifications
  • Wireless and easy to place

GeoLocker Smart

  • Protect your mobile property without a power source
  • Receive a notification whenever your property leaves a predetermined zone
  • Wireless without installation and easily moved from object to object

GeoLocker Secure

  • Protect mobile objects without an external power supply
  • Heavy duty waterproof housing
  • Suitable for use in construction
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