Your free online account

You can find, follow and monitor all the objects in your online account once you have installed a GPS Track and Trace system. No matter where you are, you can log-in and see your details. It is very easy to use your online account; you do not need to install any software. Your online account is also completely free of charge!

The advantages of a 12Trace online account

  • Your online account is completely free
  • You can view your details no matter where you are
  • You do not need to install any software, you have direct access
  • You can easily export data to your own administration

You can find and follow your possessions

Your personal web page allows you to see all of your objects on a comprehensive map or on clear satellite photos. Depending on the GPS Track and Trace system that you have selected, you can see where your objects are and where they have been, and can review the routes taken.

Protect your possessions

If you have chosen the GPS Track and Trace system with a GeoFence function, you can limit the permitted areas to which your vehicles or boats may be taken. This is very easy to do in your online account.

Importing your data into your own administration

You can view all of the historical data and, if you like, import it into your own administration. Ideal for kilometer registration, for example.

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