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Track and Trace systems

Our wired and wireless GPS Track and Trace systems. The solution to find, track and protect your property

Wired systems

  • Track and trace objects with a 12 or 24 V power supply
  • Affordable option for journey and/or kilometre administration
  • Monitor remotely the functions of your equipment

All GeoChaser systems

Wireless systems

  • Track, trace and find your mobile objects without their own power
  • Easy to transfer from one object to another
  • Easy to install: no complicated installation

All GeoChaser systems

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GeoChaser Basic

  • The most affordable GeoChaser GPS tracking system at just ‚ā¨164,46
  • Suitable for route registration
  • You determine how frequent you receive notifications of the actual location of your objects

GeoChaser Guard

  • 12/24 V wire system
  • Geofence theft alarm
  • Always request current location (GPS on Demand)

GeoChaser Eco (RRS)

  • Kilometer registation in accordance with tax authority requirements
  • Receive a notification whenever your tracked object moves outside your predetermined zone
  • Hours of operation filter

GeoLocker Compact

  • Track your mobile objects without depending on a power source
  • Adjustable frequency of location notifications
  • Wireless and easy to place

GeoLocker Smart

  • Protect your mobile property without a power source
  • Receive a notification whenever your property leaves a predetermined zone
  • Wireless without installation and easily moved from object to object

GeoLocker Secure

  • Protect mobile objects without an external power supply
  • Heavy duty waterproof housing
  • Suitable for use in construction
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