What are your annual costs?

Track and Trace systems are equipped with a SIM card in order to communicate. 12Trace offers two affordable communication options. You may choose a discount bundel or an affordable subscription option based on your actual usage.

Discount credit bundles

With discount credit bundles, you are not bound to a subscription, the credit bundels work according to a prepaid principle as you may know from mobile telephony. You only pay the for the credits you use. All our GPS Track and Trace systems make use of credit bundles. With the credit bundles from 12Trace, you have make use of  a low standard rate in all EU countries and many others outside the EU. A full list of countries can be found in this PDF. Coverage of your GPS tracking system from 12Trace is always global. (See our price list at the bottom of page)


Example¬†:¬†You wish to request the position of your object¬†7 times a day¬†requiring 7 credits per day. The data usage of the ‘small bundle’ is ‚ā¨ 0.01 / credit. According to this example, the cost are:¬†7 locations¬†x ‚ā¨0.01 adds up to¬†¬†‚ā¨0,07 per day!

The¬†small credit bundle costs¬†‚ā¨24,75 excl. VAT. ¬†The more credits you purchase the less per credit you pay. With a LARGE credit bundel your savings run as much as 27% and with and X LARGE your bundle is up to 47% cheaper.

An X Large bundel is the best option if you wish to make use of kilometer registration.


creditpakketten nieuwe stijl.



It is possible to make use of a company bundle. With a company bundle, you are able to top up your GPS Track and Trace system from one central ‘pot’ of credits. Of course you’ll be able to make use of being able to pay for only what you use.

The biggest advantage is that whenever you make use of multiple GPS Track and Trace systems with a single account, you not only manage all your systems from a central control center, but you can also top up your credits from a single account rather than a separate account per system. This can save many hours when it comes to administrative or other time consuming tasks.

The benefits:

  • Take note: the company bundle is only available for more than 4 systems.
  • Automated central notification “low credits”
  • No contract costs (you only pay what you use)
  • Always enough credits in 1 account
  • Top up multiple systems
  • Top up just once a year
  • Tax deductible

Easily active your bundle from within your own account. You decide how many credits you need.The bundles are considerably cheaper as you buy more credits at once. Want to know more about the costs and the possibilities but don’t have an account yet?

With this convenient calculation tool you can easily calculate your bundle price:

Number of systems in the bundle

Number of credits per system

You paid for a business bundle with systems: ‚ā¨


Rates and overview EU + rest of the world

The following rates apply for communication costs (location updates) for countries outside the EU. In the PDF, you can look up the country, then make a note of the corresponding zone. A single location update will cost the following amount of credits shown in the table below:

12Trace credit costs per zone

zonetabel afbeelding nieuw

Example : Suriname is in zone 3. A single communication (location on the map) cost 4 credits according to the the credit chart.

Note : The inaccurate area on the map below falls under zone 1A. 1 communication (location on the map request) = 1 credit

Network zoning 2015, EU and rest of the world 

europa kaart roze

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