Certified Track & Trace

A boat is an easy and popular target for thieves. ¬†More than 1200¬†boats and 2100 outboard motors are stolen each year and this increases every year! Whenever a theft occurs,¬†the owner is left with the burdening task of having to deal with the insurance companies. It is therefore important that all of the specific details of your boat are registered. Should a¬†boat and / or outboard be stolen then you’ll have all the information at hand and the theft can be reported¬†and the police can begin the investigation of¬†your stolen property more quickly

What is VbV?

The VbV (Verzekeringsbureau Voertuigcriminaliteit or Insurance institute for vehicle crime) is a joint initiative of Dutch insurers to combat vehicle, vessel, work material- and transport crime. The VbV works closely with public and private partners.

Why VbV?

Every year more than ten thousand cars are stolen and over twelve hundred vessels disappear. The resulting damage caused by transport crime is high. It is therefore vital that everything be done in order to combat and prevent crime in the mobility branch.

2014 Standards

Category 1. Mechanical security
Cables, chains, wheel clamps, coupling locks, padlocks, outboard locks

Category 2. Vessel Alarm System
Consisting of systems for intrusion detection and signaling of the alarm (visual, acoustic)

Category 3. Vessel Monitoring System
Track and Trace systems that can automatically determine and indicate the position of the vessel to the receiving center.

Category 4. Vessel Monitoring System PLUS (developed in 2014)
Vessel tracking systems that comply with category 3 with the added functionality of preventing jamming and tampering.

The best method to secure your boat, besides with regular rope is to use certified cables, chains and locks. Make sure to use proper attachment points, both on the boat and on the pier/mainland. Outboard engines have specially designed locks which are SCM / VbV approved. To deter thieves, theft systems provide a visual as well as an acoustic signal. These systems are set up to avoid false alarms. We always advise that these systems be installed by certified professionals as there is nothing more disturbing as a false alarm. Not just for the owner but also for other people in the harbor area. A vessel tracking system or Track&Trace system sends a notifications after the theft has occurred. The exact location of the vessel is sent in the notification. With certified systems installed by certified professionals, the alarm is sent to a PAC alarm central which also gets sent to the police which allows them to quickly recover the vessel.

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