12Trace App

Once you have a 12Trace GPS Track and Trace system, all your find, track, and monitor objects with this app. Wherever you are you can login and find your information.

With our free app, you can find everywhere you are the current location of your item (s). In addition, the app  about several useful options as-switches for your immobilizer and Geofence In addition,the app give information such as machine hours and the temperature.

The 12Trace app makes it possible:

  • View current locations
  • See all items at the same time on the map
  • Follow your item makes it very easy
  • View the machine hours
  • Reading external power supply
  • Read temperature at smart
  • Immobilizer on/off
  • Geofence on/off
  • Chase mode on/off
  • Route description to your item
  • Zoom in on a few metres to the location of the object
  • View the object in Street view

Download it now!!

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