Live tracking and tracing of your property

geomotion eco map image

There are various methods to trace, track and register the route of your property. Below is an overview of all the available options.

GeoMotion Eco

With this function it is relatively simple to see when and where you property starts and ends moving. This function gives you a clear picture of the journey time without incurring high communication costs

geomotion real time map imageGeoMotion Realtime

You can literally track and trace your every step of the way with GeoMotion Realtime. The location of your property is calculated at a high frequency. You can configure whether you want to receive an alert at every new position or that we communicate a number of positions per time giving you considerable communication cost savings.

geomotion live map image

Geomotion Live

Whenever your property is on the go, the GPS Track and Trace system will forward its position. You can configure how often via your online account. This ensures that you can track and trace where ever your property is and which route was taken on a global scale. This will,of course mean that usage will increase but you will have more insight into the movement of your property.

geomotion directional map image

GeoMotion Directional

With GeoMotion Directional, the position is not determined after every interval that has been defined but only when your property strays from its course. This means that every turn and corner will is registered. At these moments, a new position is recorded. This means that you will have an exact route on the map but with the lowest communication cost possible.

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