Immobilize your vehicle remotely?

With the GeoChaser you can immobilize remotely. By disconnecting the starter from your account, you disable the ability to start your vehicle.

The immobilizer may only be activated at a standstill. This makes it possible, for example, to not only disable the use of the starter. Care must be taken at all times that the main engine of the vehicle is NOT switched off with the GeoChaser. Allowing this to happen can create life threateningly dangerous situations.


It is recommended to have the system installed by a professional in your region.Simple, affordable and with a lifetime guarantee! Simply choose one of our installation parters in your area. All our parters are equipped with installation stations and excellent qualified professionals.
Have your system installed by a professional


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  • 12/24 V wire system
  • Geofence theft alarm
  • Always request current location (GPS on Demand)

About the GeoChaser Guard

The GeoChaser Guard is the best solution to protect your land or sea vehicle thanks to the GeoFence function. With the GeoChaser Guard, you can configure which zone your tracked object may be located in via your online account. Once the object moves outside your defined zone you will receive an alert via SMS or email. This GPS track and trace system also has an anti-theft alarm: the system issues a warning if your vehicle is moved without the ignition.

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Download the manual of the GeoChaser Guard

Why choose a GeoChaser Guard.

  • Ideal for monitoring¬†your mobile property. An alert is sent when your object moves¬†outside your defined zone (GeoFence).
  • Anti-theft alarm: a¬†warning is issued if your vehicle is moved without the ignition.
  • Suitable for journey registration thanks to the GeoMotion function.
  • You can retrieve the current location at any required moment (GPS on demand).
  • Live¬†tracking of¬†your land or sea vehicle.
  • No software installation necessary (web based).

De GeoChaser Guard is suitable for tracking:

– Boats
– Containers
– Generating sets
– Caravans
– Agricultural vehicles
– Construction site vehicles
– Motorcycles
– Classic cars
– Scooters

GPS track and trace system equipped with an anti-theft alarm

A warning is sent if your vehicle is moved without the ignition. If your vehicle is towed or moved on to a trailer, you will be notified immediately.  An audio alarm can also be sound should your vehicle be moved this way. Simply connect the Alarm Output to a horn.

Configure where your objects may be with GeoFence.

You determine which zone your objects may be within through your online account. You will receive an alert via SMS or email when your object is outside a zone that you have defined. Via your online account, you will also be able to track where you objects are currently located.

Suitable for route registration with GeoMotion.

Is your property on the move or is it right where it should be? GeoMotion is a motion detector that knows when your property is on the move and will register any activity as soon as it starts. It also registers when movement has stopped. Every movement is registered thanks to the route registration function.

The GeoChaser Guard suitable for the following applications:

–¬†Live tracking and tracing your property
–¬†Monitoring functions
–¬†Kilometer registration
–¬†Route registration
–¬†Fleet vehicle management

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