Fleet vehicle management

Do you need know where your vehicles are all times? Do you require automated journey registration that meets tax authority requirements? And do you need to cut down on vehicle costs and deploy your field service employees more efficiently? For both large and small vehicle fleets, 12Trace offers GPS Track and Trace system solutions!Renault models

A GPS Track and Trace system from 12Trace to manage your vehicle fleet.

  • Always know where your vehicles are in real time.
  • Kilometer registration and reporting that meets¬†tax authority requirements
  • Accurate and reliable¬†journey registration with regard to all your employees.
  • Receive an alert when your property is your leaves a predefined¬†zone¬†(GeoFence).
  • Optional insight into the deployment of your equipment, for example, in construction
  • View driven routes.

Savings on vehicle costs

Achieve significant cost savings with regard to fuel and vehicle maintenance with insight into your vehicle fleet with information such as whenever a vehicle requires maintenance. Deploy your vehicle fleet more efficiently with the information available in your online account.

Deploy your field service employees more efficiently

Not only is it possible to keep track of the journeys your employees make but you can also adjust how employees are deployed with the journey registration in our GPS track and trace systems. Thanks to journey registration you will quickly see which journeys are more profitable than the others. Get insight into which employees perform better. This way you can manage employees as well as the process.

More efficient administration due to less manual work

Your administration will cost less time and money with a GPS track and trace system. The journey details of all employees is accessible from your online account. Moreover, you will have a more accurate and reliable overview because of the automatic journey registration. You can also make immediate adjustments whenever issues arise. Via your account, you will be able to account for all your employees.

Which details will you see in your online account with regard to each vehicle?

– Kilometer readings
– Kilometers driven
– Journeys driven
– Hours driven3screens

Easily create reports and export data to Excel

You can view your data for each employee per day, week and/or month. Easily create reports and export data to Excel. You will always have a conclusive kilometer registration with a GPS Track and Trace system.

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