How it works

You can completely manage tracking your mobile objects remotely through your online account. You can access your data anywhere once you have installed your GPS Track and Trace system in your object. The positions of the objects that you are tracking will be determined by using GPS (satellites) and GPRS (mobile network). Your system will make a connection with the Internet and will send, if required, an SMS and/or email message to your mobile telephone. You can view all of this in your own online account:


Knowing where your objects are with our GPS Track and Trace systems

Do you always want to know where your valuable property is? Install a wireless GPS Track and Trace system (a GeoLocker tracking system) in your vehicle or mobile object and you will always know exactly where it is. The GPS tracking system is also suitable to manage multiple objects. Use a timer and you can configure whether you want to know where the object is each hour, day or week.

Tracking your valuable property

Do you want to track your valuable property? Do you want to know where your object is or do you want to know where it has been afterwards? We provide insight into this by using the GeoMotion function. This function ensures that every journey is registered. This ensures that systems that have this function are suitable for keeping track of the journey and kilometer registration.

Monitoring your property

You can monitor your valuable property with our GPS Track and Trace systems even when they do not have their own power supply. The GPS tracking systems are easy to install and difficult to trace and switch off. You can draw a virtual fence around your object and, if your object is outside this fence, you will automatically receive an alert through an SMS and/or email message. We call this GeoFence. If your vehicle is moved without the ignition having been switched on, the anti-theft alarm will be sounded and you will be warned. The GPS tracing systems are, moreover, protected against sabotage.

More information about the applications of our GPS Track and Trace systems

– TimeTrace
– GeoFence
– GeoMotion, Directional Motion and Retrievable Position
– Working hour filter
– Anti-theft Alarm
– Sabotage protection
– Eco Buffer
– Kilometer registration
– Route planner

Do you want to find out what our GPS Track and Trace system can do? View the video.

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