Function monitoring

Not only can you track, trace, find and protect your possessions with our GPS Track and Trace systems, you can also monitor and operate the various functions of your possessions remotely. We have listed a number of examples for you. We also offer specialized solutions for specific problems: customizations are always possible!

Sailing with peace of mind?

Will the battery of your boat still be operational on Sunday when you decide to for a sail? You probably prefer to have access to this information the evening before while you were sitting on the sofa rather than having to deal with an unpleasant surprise after arriving at your boat. You also get alerted immediately if your boat is taking in water!


Keep an eye on your mobile pump system remotely

Monitoring your mobile pump system remotely also puts your mind at ease. If the pump system should stop for whatever reason, you will receive an alert notification allowing you to take action before everything goes under water.

Used in agriculture and horticulture

Receive an alert notification whenever spraying systems fail on your property eliminating the need to make extensive rounds of your fields.

Measure the temperature of closed environments

When transporting fresh produce, the temperature of a refrigerated vehicle must be between 4 and 6 degrees Celsius. This ensures that the produce is still fresh. This is a frequently requested functionality in the logistics sector.

Customizations are possible. Please contact us!

The possibilities are endless and the requirements can often be very specific. Contact us to discuss options. Our telephone number is +31 (0)50 313 03 16.

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