Protect your motorcycle or scooter

Motorcycles and scooter are often stolen. A motorcycle or scooter can be easily stolen even when it has approved padlocks and, once it has been stolen, the probability of finding it again will be small. Only 19% of stolen motorcycles and scooters were found again in 2014*. You can use a 12Trace Track and Trace system to increase the probability of finding your two-wheeler considerably. Our wireless GPS Track and Trace systems are easy to install and cannot be detected by scanners. Do you always want to know where your motorcycle or scooter is? Choose one of our GPS track and trace systems. *Figures of the SAVC. Motorcycle with text wireless

A wireless GPS Track and Trace system of 12Trace to protect your scooter or motorcycle.

  • Large probability that your motorcycle or scooter will again be found after being stolen.
  • Including GeoFence alarm.
  • Wireless small device that can be easily installed and concealed.
  • No installation work required: plug-and-play.
  • If you buy another motorcycle, you can easily move it to the new one.
  • You will always know where your motorcycle or scooter is.
  • Inexpensive system to additionally protect and monitor your motorcycle or scooter.

Easy to install.

The wireless GPS Track and Trace systems are easy to position and do not require installation! If you sell or exchange your current motorcycle or scooter, you can easily transfer the Track and Trace systems to your new motorcycle or scooter.

You will always know where your scooter or motorcycle is.

GeoFence is a virtual fence that you can configure that is placed around your motorcycle or scooter. You will receive an alert through SMS or email when your motorcycle or scooter is outside a zone that you define. You can then see where your motorcycle or scooter is through your online account. GeoFence has two options. An ActiveFence and a FixedFence. The ActiveFence is ideal for motorcycles or scooters. You have a co-travelling fence with ActiveFence. You are riding down a beautiful route with your motorcycle or scooter and decide to take a break somewhere. The virtual fence will be positioned around your motorcycle or scooter after a period has elapsed during which the motorcycle or scooter is stationary that is configured in advance. If the vehicle leaves the configured zone, you will receive an alert.

No half measures

Your motorcycle or scooter will be protected against theft to a certain degree with a padlock or alarm system.  However, if your motorcycle or scooter is stolen, an approved lock or the deactivated alarm system no longer provide assistance. Finding your motorcycle or scooter again is what is then really important. The 12Trace Track and Trace systems make this possible.

Wired Track and Trace system

Would you prefer to have a wired Track and Trace system? 12Trace has a solution for this too. The GeoChaser Guard. The GeoChaser Guard has all the advantages of the wireless GeoLocker, but is connected to the battery of your motorcycle or scooter.

Products suitable for this applicationProtect your motorcycle or scooter


  • Protect your mobile property without a power source
  • Receive a notification whenever your property leaves a predetermined zone
  • Wireless without installation and easily moved from object to object

About the GeoLocker Smart

You can draw a virtual fence around your object with the GeoLocker Smart. What we call a GeoFence. You can configure within which distance your property may be located. If your property is outside this area, you will immediately receive an alert through SMS or email. An ideal GPS Track and Trace system to protect your property appropriately!

View all specifications of the GeoLocker Smart

Download here the manual of the GeoLocker Smart

Why choose a GeoLocker Smart.

  • Ideal for tracking and tracing mobile objects without their own power supplies.
  • The battery will certainly last 4000 positions (location updates), in other words, the battery is sure to last 4 years with regard to 2 positions a day.
  • You will receive an alert when your property is outside a zone that you define (GeoFence).
  • Wireless and easy to install. No complicated installation.
  • You do not have to commit to a subscription or contract.

The Geolocker Smart is mainly suitable for:

Protecting boats
Protecting vehicles
Protecting construction equipment
Protecting agricultural vehicles (tools, attachments and mechanisation)
Protecting motorcycles and scooters
Protecting classic cars

The GPS Track and Trace system in the transport and logistics sectors

Companies operating in the transport and logistics sector use our solutions a lot. Our GPS Track and Trace systems are ideal for protecting flight cases, waste containers,  mobile offices and houses.

The ideal solution for rental companies.

The GeoLocker Smart is ideal for rental companies because of its wireless feature. It is easy to install in any object and it is just as easily removed to be moved from one object to another.

Configure where your objects may be with GeoFence

You determine which zone your objects may be within through your online account. You will receive an alert via SMS or email when your object is outside a zone that you have defined. Via your online account, you will also be able to track where you objects are currently located.

Suitable for route registration with GeoMotion

Is your property on the move or is it right where it should be? GeoMotion is a motion detector that knows when your property is on the move and will register any activity as soon as it starts. It also registers when movement has stopped. Every movement is registered thanks to the route registration function.

A wireless GPS track and trace system that is not dependent on a power supply.

The GeoLocker uses an extremely high-capacity lithium battery. It guarantees a standby time of 10 years. The GeoLocker battery can easily be used for 4 years if the GeoLocker transmits the location twice a day under normal conditions.

The GeoLocker Smart is suitable for the following applications:

–¬†Live tracking and tracing of your property
–¬†Journey registration
–¬†Fleet vehicle management

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