Leasing possibilities

The advantages of a GPS Track and Trace system without investing

Do you need to find, track or secure multiple objects or vehicles? We have the solution for every company and every organization. Do you not want to, or are you not able to invest in cost saving investments that increase the efficiency of your object or vehicle fleet? We offer interesting lease options.

Efficient improvements with GPS Track and Trace systems

How much you can save by knowing exactly where your property or your field staff are located is different for each sector. What is true for all industries however, is that the time savings may generate substantial financial savings. Each additional package that can be achieved, any cargo that is not lost, every object which can be rented out sooner or any product that can be serviced quicker and efficiently is instant profit.

Lower costs, more savings

The cost of leasing is much lower than you might realize and the savings are often much higher. With lease rates from just 18 cents a day you can quickly calculate that saving one minute per day is enough to make a return on investment with these systems.

Learn more about our lease options? Contact us.

Want to learn more about lease options and how you can save on cost and get an overview of all your business assets?? Call us on 050 313 03 16 for an appointment.

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