Below you will find all the accessories and other general products. Is the a product or accessory missing? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Personal / Commericial Trace and Trace switch

The personal/commercial switch makes it possible to determine whether a trip is going to be for personal or commercial purposeses from within the vehicle. The purpose can be edited and changed at a later point in time from the online account. Whenever the switch is activated, the upcoming journey will be noted with the following symbolI = In Business (commercial journey)
O = Out Business (private journey)



SCM immobilizer

Immobilizer with class I classification from SCM. The WAECO immobilizer works with a separate transponder antenna. There are 2 transponders provided.

1) Keyhanger the site of a coin
2) Drivercard the size of a bank card



Battery GeoLocker

A wireless system, not dependent on an external power source. The GeoLocker makes use of an extremely high capacity lithium battery. This guarantees a standby time of 10 years. The batteyr of the GeoLocker will easily last 3 years when the GeoLocker notifies a location twice a day under normal conditions. The GeoLocker Basic and Secure can be built into almost any location because the battery is internal and isn’t dependent on an external battery.

Once the battery has proven its services, it is easily replaced with a new one so you’ll be bale to enjoy the reliability of the product for years to come.



Cable set


available soon via the web shop, contact us to order the cable set

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