12Trace Company bundle

It is possible to make use of a business bundle. This GPS Track and Trace systems can be upgraded from one central ‘pot’ with credits while you continue to enjoy the advantages that you only pay ¬†for what you consume.

The main advantage is that when you have multiple GPS Track and Trace systems into one account, not only can you manage your GPS systems from one central system, but the credits can also be upgraded centrally rather than individually per GPS system. This saves a lot of administrative and time-consuming operations.

The advantages

  • Central autonomous¬†notifications for “low credit”
  • No subscription fees (you only pay what you consume)
  • Always enough credits in one account
  • Upgrade multiple systems at once
  • One time per year upgrade
  • You can easily activate the bundle¬†in your own account. You decide how many credits you need. No account yet but wold like look at the costs and options? please contact us. We’ll gladly help!




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