Frequently asked questions

Does the GeoLocker with EN + card also work abroad?

The GeoLocker an NL + card also works abroad. This option “make¬†use of SMS when¬†GPRS is not available” must be selected. All information (location, temperature, etc.) is then sent via an SMS message to 12Trace. Real time¬†tracking is not possible. Sending information via SMS is much more expensive than using a GPRS connection! If your GeoLocker is abroad frequently then an EU + card an economical option.

How long is the battery life?

The battery in the GeoLocker has a service life of 4 years when set to factory settings. This means that the GeoLocker send ¬†notifications twice¬†a day¬†about it’s current position. For example, if the option is activated, the live tracking GeoLocker will notify more¬†frequently and connect to 12Trace in the event of an alarm. This requires more battery power.

What determines the positioning accuracy?

The GeoLocker determines its positioning using a GPS receiver. Several things can affect the accuracy of the GPS receiver. The most common can be that the GeoLocker is located in a building with walls and floors of reinforced concrete. This can complicate or prevent the reception of the GPS signal. The antenna of the GeoLocker is not directed at the sky. As a result, the reception of the GPS signal will be lower. (The position of the GPS antenna is marked with an arrow on the product label)

Is it possible to use a different SIM card?

It is currently only possible to use the included SIM card.

Is it possible to change the SIM card PIN?

It is currently not possible to change the PIN.

Why is the GSM LED red on the GeoLocker GPS?

A red LED indicates that an error occurred while locating or communicating with 12Trace. The blinking pattern determines what exactly went wrong. Additional information about error messages can be found in the manual.

Can another battery be used?

The GeoLocker uses a special type of lithium battery. Do not use other batteries than the battery supplied by 12Trace. Doing so can cause serious hazards such as fire and explosion. If the battery is drained, 12Trace can order your a new battery.

What determines the reduction of the credit?

Each time the GeoLocker contacts 12Trace, a little credit is used. If the “live tracking” is checked with a low interval frequency, or if the communication interval is set to a low frequency, then the¬†GeoLocker will¬†connect 12Trace more often resulting¬†in a more rapid decline in credit.

What is GPRS?

It is possible to make a connection to the internet via the GSM network with a GPRS connection.

What does use of the Geolocker cost?

The GeoLocker and GeoChaser are equipped with a so called prepaid SIM card with an initial 150 credits. This SIM card has worldwide coverage. For more information, refer to the communication system EU +. The main advantage is that you do not pay more than you use.Upgrading the balance is easy through the website.

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