Kilometer registration

Keep track of your kilometers autonomously. Regardless of whether it concerns a lease or private vehicle or an entire fleet, when you purchase a GPS Track and Trace system (the GeoChaser Eco), your kilometer registration is always available online and easy to export to other applications like Excel. The kilometer registration uses our GPS track and trace systems is which works completely in accordance with the requirements of the tax authorities.


A GPS Track and Trace system from 12Trace is perfect for kilometer registration

  • No time-consuming manual administration
  • Kilometer registration and reporting that meets tax authority requirements
  • Free online account to view all vehicle¬†data.
  • Easy to export data for use in Excel
  • Implement changes in your administration¬†retrospectively
  • No fixed contracts or monthly subscriptions


Suitable for:

– Drivers of a lease vehicle or a company car
– Managers of a complete vehicle fleet

Unique purchasing combination deal Joint venture with nearly 70 installation stations

For¬†a¬†one-time fee of ‚ā¨ 350 includes¬†kilometer registration software with an online account, Track & Trace worldwide coverage and installation at one of the 70 installation stations in your area. Pay¬†only upon delivery. This combination deal is available¬†thanks to a close joint venture between 12 Trace and United Carshops.

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Communication GPS tracker

You only pay for the communication with the GPS tracker after purchasing and installing a 12Trace GeoChaser. You receive a package with 150 free credits when you purchase the GeoChaser. After this, you simply purchase a additional credit bundles for the communication with the GPS tracker. You can choose based on the kilometers you expect to make. You may also purchase a business package. This ensures that you can top up your GPS Track and Trace systems with credits from one central account in order to continuely take advantage of only paying for what you actually use.

More information about the business packagecredit packages

Do you want to make use of the offer? ‚ā¨350 including installation near you, kilometer registration and a full track and trace system. Order your product in 3 simple steps on the KM declaration website!

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