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Brabant Water is the water company which supplies drinking water to 2.4 million residents and businesses in North Brabant. 800 employees ensure that our customers always can always count on clean and safe drinking water. A  job with high responsibilities and we act accordingly. We do not seek profit, but for the best quality and service.

For Brabant Water we delivered the systems placed on the mobile water trucks. All locations of the water trucks are displayed on the website of Brabant Water. This allows all customers at all times where in case of emergency or work or similar water vehicles are located. Would you like to display your current location through your own website? Ask us about the possibilities.


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Brabant Water in addition to drinking water provides customized and specialized services and advice
These customized products and services have been divided into three independent subsidiaries :HydroScope, Hydreco and HydroBusiness.

Brabant Water chose the following system:

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