Operating hours

Keep track of the operation hours of your machinery with our GPS Track and Trace systems. Handy for knowing how long your diggers, excavators and dozers that you’re rented out have been operational.

Insight into your machinery’s ¬†hour counter

Do you need to know many hours your rented out object’s have been operational? With the built in motion sensor, it is possible to have insight into how many hours your movement or transport your diggers and excavators have been operating via your online account.


The ideal solution of rental companies

It is essential for rental companies to know just how many operational hours their rented objects have run. The function to be able to do this is available with  the wireless as well as the wired GPS Trace and Trace system from 12Trace.

Machine hour counter in a wireless system (GeoLocker Smart)

Whenever the counter moves (which in turn means the machine to which it is placed on as well) so too does the built in hour counter.

The built in accelerometers activate the hour counter as soon as motion is detected. As soon as the motion stops, the counter will continue for an additional 2 minutes. Intensity of movement has no influence on the counter, The counter cannot te turned back. The operational hours can be read remotely from your account.

From your account are various alarm notifications which you can activate and chose from yourself to be sent to an email adres you provide. Example: After 100 hours regular maintenance or after 500 hours maintenance required.


Properties of the hour counter

  • Machinery operation hours for regular maintenance
  • Keep track of operational hours in a database for the rental companies
  • Remotely monitor operational hours
  • Email alarm notifications whenever maintenance is requires
  • The counter cannot be¬†tampered with
  • Internal battery provides long operational time
  • Very accurate
  • Day counter

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