Our GPS Track and Trace systems offer many benefits. It goes without saying that quality and service are our top priority. The nautical and agricultural industry, in which we have been active in since our founding, place high demands on our GPS systems and we have adopted these demands as a standard for all our GPS track and trace systems. Our track and trace systems, which we develop and manufacture in The Netherlands, have a great longevity. Communication with our systems is affordable thanks to our credit bundels and valid in all EU countries. There are no fixed contracts necessary. You pay only for what you use.

High quality, standard

The branches within we operate since our founding and since the existence of our GPS Track and Trace systems demand a higher than average quality standard. Within the nautical and agricultural branches, moisture and temperature are a constant concern. Our GPS tracking systems meet the strictest requirements within these branches. Trust en reliability are a must within these sectors. All our GPS systems meet these high quality standards. Our GPS tracking systems are fabricated according to ISO 9001 standards.

Low communication costs within all EU member countries

Everyone is guaranteed a single standard low rate for all EU member countries and even many others outside the EU, allowing you to track and trace your property for less than 1 cent. Borderless communication and no surprises!

No fixed contracts. Pay only what you use.

With contract, you usually pay a lot more than what you actually use. To avoid these costs, 12Trace works with credit bundles allowing you to pay for only what you actually use for a uniquely low rate.

Free online account to track yoru property

All your objects are traceable and protected  via your online account as soon as your GPS Track and Trace system is installed. Logging into your account is available anywhere and using the system is simple and intuitive. There is no need to install any software. Above all, use of your account is completely free!

Excellent service

12Trace has a service department with qualified professionals ready to assist you via phone  (050 313 03 16) or email ( We look forward to receiving any questions, comments or suggestions you might have.

Simple installation

The wireless GeoLocker GPS tracking system can easily be placed on any object. Complex installation is not necessary. This means our systems can also be moved from one object to another. Our¬†wired GPS tracking system, the GeoChasers, can easily and simply be installed by one of our United Carshops partners. You’ll receive a voucher at purchase with which you can have your system installed for just ‚ā¨81,82.

Great longevity of our wireless GeoLocker GPS systems

Our GeoLocker GPS tracking device uses a lithium battery with an extremely high capacity which barely requires any power. This battery ensures a standby time of 10 years after which the batter capacity will still be around 99.7%.  A battery can send up to 3,000 positions in its entirety. It can effortlessly last 4 years while sending 2 notifications per day. A single notification per day means the batter wil last up to 8 years.

Manufactured in The Netherlands

Our R&D department develops the hardware as well as the software. Our people in our IT department developed the web applications. We are proud that our systems are entirely manufactured in the Netherlands. This also means that any custom work which may be required can also be realized for you. We have already implemented numerous special wishes within the nautical and agricultural sectors.

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