North Pole Challenge and 3FM – 2015

The North Pole Challenge and 12Trace for 3GM Serious Request 2015






All teams can be followed live on the website. This is made possible by 12Trace. Here you can not only follow the teams but also offer the challenges.

The North Pole Challenge grows each year with more and more die hards. This year was the start of the fifth edition and every year we get more donations for the silent disaster. In addition to the low temperatures and reaching the North Pole in extreme conditions it is fun and you work for charity. You can give the teams assignments which they perform to raise money for the silent disaster of 3FM Serious Request.

Also check out the official Facebook page: NOORDKAAP CHALLENGE

Live tracking can be done on the following website:



All the challengers were outfitted with a GeoLocker Smart from 12Trace for the North Pole Challenge. The perfect GPS Track and Trace system for the protection of your valuable property including theft. The wireless GPS tracking system does not require an external power supply.

Why choose a GeoLocker Smart

  • Ideal for tracking and tracing mobile objects without their own power supplies.
  • The battery will certainly last 4000 positions (location updates), in other words, the battery is sure to last 4 years with regard to 2 positions a day.
  • You will receive an alert when your property is outside a zone that you define (GeoFence).
  • Wireless and easy to install. No complicated installation.
  • You do not have to commit to a subscription or contract.
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