GeoChaser SCM TV01

GeoChaser SCM TV01

Kiwa SCM certified since June 1st 2016 GPS retrival system in your vehicle with TV01 Certificate

The VbV TV01 certification requires a GPS retrieval systems. For a retrieval systems the requirements are no longer merely technical vbvbut also functional. Retrieval systems are not just certified based on the certification, but als on the effectiveness.


We are very proud that the new GeoChaser SCM TV01 vehicle tracking system by Kiwa SCM is certified according to the latest certification requirements. With this system you can be sure that it meets all the latest certification requirements. The Control Room Vlaardingen / Brinks Global Services will arrange any services if required.



Why choose a GeoChaser SCM TV01

  • SCM TV01 certified
  • Connected with Brinks Global Meldkamer
  • 12/24 V wired system, always ensured of a well wired system.
  • Starter blocker (optional)
  • This is the system to protect your vehicle: you receive a notification whenever your vehicle leaves a pre defined zone (GeoFence) Theft alarm: send out a alarm whenever the vehicle is moved without the ignition.
  • Backup battery that last 7 days in case of sabotage. A notification is also sent that the power has fallen out.
  • Suitable to journey registration thanks to the GeoMotion function
  • Request the actual location at any time (GPS on Demand)
  • Track your vehicle in real time
  • No software installation necessary (web based)
  • Unlimited views of the location from your own protected login page.
  • Compatitle on all devices, including laptop, iPad, Android or PC.
  • Cashback via de insurance company. For more information, ask your insurer.
  • Peace of mind
GeoChaser SCM TV01
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Productspecifiations GeoChaser SCM TV01

– Universal voltage range 8-32V, Backup Battery 1300 mAh
– GPS : U-blox chipset
– GSM : Quadband GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
– 3 axis motion sensor
– Waterproof IP 67
– Dimensions 85 x 61 x 25 mm


Optional :
– Starter blocker
– Kilometer administration

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Default specifications for the GeoChaser SCM TV01


Follow up after theft notification

De GeoChaser Guard SCM TV01 system is connected to a public alarm central (PAC- 116 Meldkamer Vlaardingen / Brinks Global) and are monitored 24/7. When a theft occurs, the notification central can initiate an international recovery operation and if desired, a specified investigation and rapport.


1. Contact  Meldkamer Vlaardingen / Brinks Global services directly on 010-2421414

2. File a rapport with the police. This can be done in person or digitally:

3. Once the police rapport has been filed, a copy must be provided to the Meldkamer Vlaardingen /Brinks Global Services. This can be done via email: or per fax 010-2421415. The notification central has complete access to the application for an optimal tracking, tracing and recovering the stolen object. All essential details must be filed in the rapport.

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