Private or commercial switch

Details Private commercial switch with Trace and Trace (I)n business (O)ut business switch

With the private/commercial switch, you can toggle the purpose of a journey from within the vehicle. This can also be changed from your online account. Whenever the switch is used, the upcoming journey will be marked with an representative icon.

(I)n business (O)ut business switch

The perfect kilometer registration with the GPS Track and Trace system from 12Trace

  • No need to manually keep your administration
  • Kilometer registration and rapport that confirms to tax authority requirements
  • Online account with all details of the vehicle
  • Easily export data to Excel
  • Always possible to edit saved administration
  • No fixed contracts required.


Suitable for:

– Drivers of lease or company cars
– Managers of vehicle fleets


Information per journey (according to the tax authories)

The following details must be registered per journey:
– datebelastingdienst
– start and finish number of the odometer
– departure and arrival destination. If leaving and returning to your work address for a meeting, the arrival and departure address must be noted for the jourey to and journey fro.
– the route you took if the route was not the most efficient or direct
– whether the journey was private or commercial.
– the privately driven kilometers if you made any during a commercial journey

Example 1

You journey from home to work. You work the entire day from the same location. the one way journey distance is 40km. In the journey registration you would count 2 journeys that day: the journey from home to work and the journey from work to home.

Example 2

You journey from your home to work (30km single trip). From your work you journey to client A (30km), from client A you travel 25km to client B. From client B you travel 10km to client C. From client C you journey back to your work location (15km) and at the end of the day you journey home. You journey registration should have 6 separate journeys:

– from home to work
– from work to client A
– from client A to client B
– from client B to client C
– from client C to work
– from work to home

Example 3

You take a detour during a commercial trip of 10km to bring your child to day care. Those 10km are registered as privately driven kilometers

Products suitable for this applicationPrivate or commercial switch


  • Kilometer registation in accordance with tax authority requirements
  • Receive a notification whenever your tracked object moves outside your predetermined zone
  • Hours of operation filter

About the GeoChaser Eco (RRS)

Are you looking to save time  and avoid the inconvenience related to keeping track of your kilometer registration? Are you looking for a system that can do this for you in accordance with the requirements that tax authorities? In other words, an all inconclusive kilometer registration system? Welcome to the GeoChaser Eco which also includes a full vehicle track and trace system.

Why choose the GeoChaser Eco.

  • The all inclusive solution for kilometer¬†registration in accordance with the tax authority requirements.
  • Ideal for monitoring mobile property with¬†notifications¬†¬†when your property moves outside a zone that you define (GeoFence).
  • Theft alarm: issues a warning when your vehicle is moved without the ignition.
  • Jamming control
  • Hours of operation registration
  • No software installation required¬†(web based)


The GeoChaser Eco is suitable for:

Kilometer registration for the tax authorities
Managing your vehicle fleet. Are you looking to track and trace multiple vehicles or do you want to know where your employees are? By switching on the fleet management module at no extra charge, you will have immediate insight into the availability of your employees and all from within your online account.
Download here the manual for the GeoChaser Eco

The solution for an all inclusive kilometer registration

The GPS track and trace system operates within the requirements set by the tax authorities. You can choose between a basic kilometer registration or a more detailed registration allowing you to choose between whether you want the highest level of insight and management as the employer or minimum costs and a transparent overview.


What does your kilometer registration include?

– The vehicle make
– The vehicle type
– The vehicle registration plate
– The period in which you have the vehicle available to you.
– Date of the journey
– The starting and end positions of the kilometer counter
– The address details of the departure and arrival locations
РThe route covered (including any deviations or alternative routes for taken for personal reasons)
– The nature of the journey: private or business

GPS track and trace system equipped with an anti-theft alarm

A warning is sent if your vehicle is moved without the ignition. If your vehicle is towed or moved on to a trailer, you will be notified immediately.  An audio alarm can also be sound should your vehicle be moved this way. Simply connect the Alarm Output to a horn.

Purchase deal!

Includes installation
Payment upon delivery
No contract
70 installation stations


Configure where your objects may be with GeoFence.

You determine which zone your objects may be within through your online account. You will receive an alert via SMS or email when your object is outside a zone that you have defined. Via your online account, you will also be able to track where you objects are currently located.

The GeoChaser Eco is suitable for the following applications:

–¬†Tracking and tracing your property live
–¬†Monitoring functions
–¬†Kilometre registration
–¬†Journey registration
–¬†Vehicle fleet management

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