GeoMotion, EcoMotion, LiveMotion and Directional Motion

We track and trace an object using the GeoMotion function. Is your object on the move or is it located at a place where it should be? GeoMotion is a motion sensor that will detect that your object is on the move and will register this when it happens. It will also keep track of when it stops. You will see every movement and will have a full journey registration system with this.


Only the locations will be registered where your object starts and stops with the EcoMotion function. You will see this in your personal account. The communication costs will stay low automatically because of the limited number of communication moments.


You can configure how often you want to receive alerts about where your object is with the LiveMotion function. This will give you a full picture of the route that your object is taking. This is also meant for objects that are continuously on the move and regarding which you always want to see where they are. Examples include delivery vans, delivery scooters and rental bicycles.

Directional Motion

A change in direction will lead to a position determination with this function. This means that you will only receive an alert about a position when the vehicle takes a bend; this is very efficient with regard to communication costs when, for example, you are driving on the motorway. You would incur a higher expense if you received an alert about a position every 15 minutes. In the inner city, on the other hand, you will get an exceptionally accurate overview of the driven route with this function.

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