Theft alarm and sabotage protection

With a theft alarm you will be receive¬†a warning notification should¬†your vehicle move without the ignition switching¬†on. You’ll know the instant¬†your vehicle is being¬†towed or moved on a trailer. It is also possible to give off an audible alarm if¬†the vehicle is being moved. This can be by connecting the alarm output on the horn.

Tamper Protection

Our GPS Track and Trace systems are protected against sabotage. Should the power supply is turned off or sabotaged, the GeoChaser GPS tracking system send an SMS and or email alert. Thanks to the internal battery, the system remains active for seven days.

If the use of a signal blocker of jammer is attempted to block the GPS signal, the system will notify you of this as well. if your car if being towed or stolen by passing the ignition you will be notified.

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